Are Stain – Resistant Carpets Stain Proof?

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How many times have you seen the commercial on television where the cute little kid spills kool-aid or something on carpeting and it is magically removed with the wave of a sponge? It is not that easy. Or the family pet runs through the house covered in mud leaving trail of paw prints all over the carpeting – but not to worry – “your stain resistant carpeting will clean up in a snap”. First off, these folks must not have not had the pleasure of working with our reddish mud – clay soil we are blessed with in the Springfield, Ozark, Nixa and Branson area. That stuff can be darn near impossible to get out, especially if you let it sit for a time. NO carpet is stain proof. All carpet will still get dirty and will need to be professionally cleaned no matter how stain – resistant it is advertised to be. But make no mistake, the technology that makes a carpet stain resistant is truly extraordinary!stain-resistant-carpet-springfield-mo
The value of stain resistant carpet is, quite simply, exactly what the warranties state. Stain resistant carpets will “resist” staining from household food and beverages better than a conventional nylon carpet. Through the additions of a clean colorless dye, the stain resistant nylon fibers are provided with a shield against the dues that are added to our food and beverages to make them more visually appealing. Fruit juices, fruit drinks, coffee, tea, ketchup, wine, soft drinks, and such, when wiped up immediately, will come out. But it does not mean you can ignore them for weeks or months and still expect them to just “clean up”. Usually if you get to the spill within 24 hours, you will have great success in removing it. Also, if a spill is substantial enough to penetrate through the backing of the carpeting and down into the padding, you will have a wicking issue. Wicking meaning that you will clean the spill up and after a time the spill that remains will “wick” itself back to the surface. You can call our office for a few tips on how you might be able to handle this on your own. However, there are still many spills that may cause permanent damage. Especially when the consumer tries all kinds of different spotting remedies themselves (i.e. “over the counter” products). Many times, as professionals, we can remove these spots with knowledgeable chemical choices and experience.
Unfortunately, many home owners who purchase “stain resistant” carpeting have taken this descriptive branding to mean “soil proof”, and have bought much lighter colored carpet for high traffic areas thinking they will not show traffic soil patterns. Not true… No way… No how. These carpets still get dirty, and because they are lighter in color, they will show the soil more prominently and more quickly. Darker colors are still better for high traffic areas.stain-resistant-carpet-blog
The purpose of a stain resistant carpet is to allow for easier and more thorough cleaning when we do have the inevitable spill. The key is to address the accident as soon as possible. Always start with plain cool water when treating the area and avoid any over the counter “miracle” cleaner as an adverse chemical reaction to a specific spill can cause it to “set” creating a permanent “stain”. At this point not even a professional can guarantee removal. We are good but everything and everyone has its limits!! Regardless, periodic professional cleaning is still needed for carpet to look clean, smell clean, last longer, and maintain its warranty. Expert, skilled cleaning services will also provide you and your loved ones a healthier living environment.

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