Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Aesthetically, clean carpets as well as ceramic tile and grout are a mark of success and a statement of excellence for all businesses. From law offices, small boutiques, and doctors waiting rooms. To classy restaurants or funeral homes – the list goes on, and on.

Carpets in the workplace contribute to the IAQ or indoor air quality just as they do in our homes. Poor IAQ can be to blame for adverse health issues such as allergic reactions and infections, respiratory illnesses, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and lack of concentration. Common sense then tells us that these effects impact productivity and lead to more serious infirmities that can cause employees to miss work.

Commercial office cleaning services focus on the visible surface dirt but generally lack the equipment and expertise to address the dust, mold spore, bacteria, and allergens that hide deep within carpet fibers. Foot traffic stirs up these irritants and are then re-dispersed into the air we breathe.
Most experts recommend a professional carpet cleaning every 3-6 months if your business/office is on the ground floor. If you are on an upper floor, every 6-12 months is suggested.
Final Touch Clean Care offers you the very best hot water extraction equipment available for commercial carpet cleaning, enabling us to enhance your company’s image, safety and investment. With a programmed maintenance cleaning plan, we can assist in extending the life of your flooring, saving you thousands in capital expenditure. Call us for a professional assessment of your company’s specific commercial carpet cleaning needs.


Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

What is there to say about Commercial Tile Cleaning?

You know when it’s dirty.

You know that it needs to be on a regular service plan.

You know that regular mopping, while very necessary, can’t get down into those grout lines. Just think what’s growing in those grout lines.

Then CALL US. We can blast that nasty stuff out with super hot water, in a contained manner, so it can’t go on growing.

NO, you don’t have to use us every week instead of the mop, but you do need us on a regular basis. It only makes sense, Dollars and sense. We can revive those ugly grout lines. Then you don’t have to replace them.

And if your grout lines need to be sealed, we can clean them and then seal them too!


Some of the Great companies we have done work for:

  • Christian County Courthouse—Ozark, MO
  • Burrell Center–Springfield, Mo
  • Bexar County Annex—San Antonio, Tx
Lincoln, NE Public Schools
Sioux Tribe Cheyenne River Project
Money Lenders Bank—Sioux Falls, SD
  • Fort Meade, MD
Consolidated American Services—Dallas, TX
Scranton Times—Scranton, PA
Blinn College—Brenham, TX
  • XCEL Energy—Amarillo, TX
  • County of Ventura Gov’t Offices—Ventura, CA
  • Swain Annex Quantico—Quantico, VA
Fayetteville Tech Community College—Fayetteville, NC
Louisburg College—Louisburg, NC
  • Oxford Research Biofuel Project—Oxford, NC
City of Albuquerque—Albuquerque, NM
UNM Hospital—Albuquerque, NM
  • Dodge County Courthouse, Fremont, NE
Kearney Public Schools—Kearney, NE
Chadron High School—Chadron, NE
South Dakota State Capital— Pierre, SD

David maintains security clearance with the Government Services Administration
for access to work locations at US Government facilities.




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