Flooded Concrete Floors – What to do

Flooded Concrete Floors – What to do

Drying Concrete

Concrete floors are susceptible to damage when flooding occurs. They become wet or damp which might cause severe damage if left unattended for a long time. This is why it is very important to avail the services of a water damage restoration company as soon as possible for drying concrete floors. Such companies are usually well equipped and experienced in drying wet or damp concrete floors. This makes them a better choice to restore a flood damaged floor to its pre-flood conditions. The services of such companies are usually available for both residential and commercial buildings.

Damage starts fast

A wet or damp concrete floor starts to develop mold on its surface, and patches begin to form if it is not dried in time, or in the proper way. This becomes even worse in the case of flood water because it is usually very dirty and carries a lot of contaminants. This is why it is of great importance that you have your concrete floor dried properly to ensure that there is no subsurface moisture or partial dampness left after the drying job is done. A perfect concrete drying job can only be guaranteed by using the services of water damage restoration experts.

Act Fast

The extent to which drying and restoration of concrete floors can be accomplished depends greatly on several factors such as the response time, amount of moisture, the type of finish used on the floor, and the extent of the visible damage. A flood water damage restoration company will be able to examine the damp floor to determine thewater-removal-water-damage-restoration extent of recovery and restoration that can be achieved. After this, they can then determine what needs to be done and use their expertise in drying concrete to restore your floor to its previous condition.

Response time after the water damage is the most important factor that affects the success of the concrete drying process. This means that it is imperative to call a restoration professional immediately after the flooding occurs. Delays will only make the damage worse and the job of drying more challenging and time-consuming. The restoration expert will first guide you through the steps you need to take to prevent further damage before they arrive at the site of flood damage. Once they arrive, they will then analyze the site to determine the most cost effective and cost efficient way to dry the concrete floor and restore it to its initial condition.

Call in the Professionals

Restorations experts at Finaltouchcleancare are able to make use of different techniques to dry damp concrete such as subsurface drying techniques, air-drying, and dehumidification. These techniques are also used to save the carpeting and flooring that might have been damaged. The restorations services also come with deodorization and sanitization services which help prevent foul smells, mold formation, discoloration and staining of the floor which are situations associated with water damage.

A water damage restoration expert is able to do the drying job quickly so as to ensure that you move back into your house, office or business as soon as possible. They are able to accomplish this with the help of their well-trained staff who report to the site within a few hours, saving precious time. They are also able to accelerate the process of drying by pumping out standing flood water using high-powered pumps, and using heat injectors and other specialized equipment to dry the surface and subsurface wetness.

Safety First

By using the services of a professional, you’ll eliminate all the health hazards that come with flood water. Flood water carries potentially harmful bacteria, sewage and many other contaminants that can cause health complications. With Finaltouchcleancare, you’ll be assured of proper disinfection and sanitization eliminating the risk of health issues after the restoration. They also take precautions during the drying process to protect the staff on site from any health hazard and even from any other operational risk.


When it comes to their availability and reliability, the services of water damage restoration experts are usually available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with emergency response capability to ensure minimal damage to youropen-for-flood-water-extraction property and floor.

The Cost

At this point you might be wondering,… ‘Such efficient and effective service delivery must come at a very steep price!?’….. the great news is that drying services offered by Finaltouchcleancare are very affordable because they come at very fair prices. Before they start the restoration process, their staff will carry out a damage assessment of your floor and give you a fair price estimate.

No Wories

By now, am sure that you understand the dangers and the harm that can come from flood water damage to your concrete floor. But I hope that you’ve also learned that there’s no cause for worry. When the unexpected happens in your home or business, you have the reliable and professional services of Finaltouchcleancare just a call away from responding to your emergency. This way you never need to worry about drying concrete.

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