Fire Damage Restoration

Ok, the fire trucks have left and the smoke has cleared, NOW WHAT!

Fire damage restoration is not for the faint of heart.

You may want to undertake it yourself. Why not, right?  Well let’s ask a few questions.

  • Do you know that within minutes: the acidic soot causes your plastics to yellow – Materials, that are highly porous, discolor permanently – and appliances, that were close to the fire, will discolor.
  • Do you know that within hours: fixtures made of fiberglass may yellow – counter tops may yellow – metals that are uncoated tarnish – the finish on furniture may discolor – and your white fridge may yellow, all from that acidic soot!
  • Do you know within days: clothing and upholstery become stained permanently – furniture, with finished wood surfaces, will need to be refinished – metal surfaces pit, rust, and corrode – and all your pretty painted walls yellow, PERMANENTLY! All from the soot.
  • Do you know that within weeks: glass items, including fine china, can become severely etched – carpet, made with synthetic fibers, can yellow permanently – items with a silver plate become corroded – the cost of restoration rises exponentially.
  • Do you know: layer on top of layer of volatile vapors and soot residue build up as the fire is burning. The longer these layers remain on surfaces the harder they are to get off. They can eventually turn to a varnish like coating, making it nearly impossible to remove. These layers are  also the cause of a lot of the damage to furnishings.

There’s More!

Besides the soot, there is the issue of removing the smokey odor that remains. Sounds easy. It is not. Smoke reaches into places where the average person cannot reach, or even thinks about. These places, that cannot be cleaned, must go through an encapsulation process to contain the smell. Some of these inaccessible areas will need to be treated with a deodorizing gas/fog. This fog seeks out the source of the odor and neutralizes it.

Why the scare tactics?

These facts are not meant to frighten anyone and make them think all is lost. On the contrary, the more you know the more you can understand that calling in the professionals in fire damage restoration as quickly as possible is the wisest thing you can do.

Keep safe tips.

Fire is a destructive force that can take everything you have. The most important thing to remember, in a fire, is that  everyone gets out safely. Preparation beforehand can make this a more likely situation. Some helpful tips:

  • If a fire starts get out of the building – stay out of the building – call 911.
  • Make sure everyone knows how to get out of the building from the rooms that they frequent.  HAVE A PLAN.
  • Have a pre decided “meeting spot” to meet at when everyone gets out. to be able to account for everyone.
  • Practice your escape plan at different times of the day.
  • Teach everyone to stop, drop, and roll, if their clothes were to catch on fire.
  • Have, and make sure they work, smoke alarms in all the recommended locations.
  • If there is smoke, get low and stay under it.
  • Here is a link to the Red Cross Home Fire Safety Checklist.

To sum it up.

Fire is a scary thing to encounter. Whether in you home or in the office, fire can destroy your way of life.

Final Touch Clean Care is dedicated to helping you through the process of saving and restoring your home or business to as close to pre fire state as possible.

When it comes to Fire Damage Restoration the first and only call you should make is to the professionals at Final Touch Clean Care.



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