IICRC  What is it and why should you care?

IICRC What is it and why should you care?

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IICRC – INSTITUTE OF INSPECITON CLEANING AND RESTORATION                                                                                                         What is it and why should you care?

Many professionals utilize certification organizations to add credibility and customer confidence in their services.  Accountants (CPA’s), legal professionals (American Bar Association), plumbers, mechanics, and cleaning / restoration companies set themselves apart through ongoing training and certifications.  IICRC certification identifies our industries skilled and dedicated technicians and businesses.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a non-profit Standards Developing Organization (SDO) that provides certification for the restoration, inspection, cleaning, and installation industries.  It is the most highly regarded, independent certification body within our industry.  IICRC is recognized internationally and regionally as the voice and resource in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand.  The core values of the IICRC are Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Excellence, and proficient Expertise.  These are also the values and ethics we hold true at Final Touch Clean Care.

Briefly, there are twenty-one different certification achievements available within the broad field of cleaning and restoration that exist for the individual technician.  Journeyman Cleaning Technician, Journeyman Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician, Journeyman Water Restoration Technician, Master Textile Cleaner, Master Smoke and Fire Restoration Technician, and Master Water Restoration Technicians – these are advanced levels of achievement requiring multiple certifications as well as three to five years of hands on experience in the cleaning and restoration industry.

As a certified company, our IICRC official logo implies a few things.  First and foremost is that we take very seriously our reputation and our customer’s needs!  Many hours of in class instruction as well as hands on training are required to earn an IICRC certification.  It is a commitment of time and money.  All of this training is assurance that our technicians are well qualified to service our clients.  Each technician can accurately and confidently address any issues a homeowner may have and offer tips to keeping their home looking beautiful.  But it does not stop there.  Continuing Education Credits (CCE’s) are a requirement for maintaining these certifications that we work so diligently to obtain.  The CCE’s guarantee that our technicians will clean and restore our clients’ home utilizing the latest and most efficient techniques and the highest quality products on the market today.

Another benefit to consumers is the “Locate a Pro” tab on the IICRC.org website.  As a certified cleaning, restoration, and inspection company, we are proud to be listed in the exclusive IICRC referral database. This allows consumers to search for qualified professionals with assurance.  This database is also a great resource should you ever have any warranty issues to address.  Shaw industries, the world’s largest flooring manufacturer, requires that warranty work be performed by IICRC certified firms.  American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA) suggests using IICRC Certified Firms that specialize in upholstery cleaning in its Furniture Care Codes.  We are likewise among the only organizations permitted to use the cleantrust-certified logo in advertising materials.  The IICRC endeavors to guarantee the logo is used appropriately.  A dedicated staff member investigates any reported infringement or inappropriate logo use.  So you, the consumer, can be assured of a company’s credentials when you see the cleantrust – certified logo!

In addition to formally training and testing professionals for competency, our company adheres to all other standards and requirements for IICRC firm certification.  Integrity and honesty are the key pillars of our business model.  We strive to deliver straight forward and accurate information to all of our clients.  We maintain ample liability insurance to cover all parties in case an accident should occur.  Life does throw all of us curve balls on occasion.  Finally, our company agrees to the Better Business Bureau and other related arbitration criteria – such as to maintain a written complaint policy to help resolve any disputes.

Why are we IICRC Certified?  It is the benchmark that confidently leads both clients and other professionals to instantly identify the most dedicated and highly skilled firms and technicians in the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industry.   The Institute for Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification has led the way in setting the standards that our industry professionals rely on.  Every IICRC standard is established after years of involvement from experts in the field – manufactures, national, international and regional trade associations, insurance industry front-runners, public health professionals, among many other industry related specialists.  Each of these standards are reviewed and updated at least every five years.  The water damage restoration field for instance, changes rapidly and those of us who are certified keep up with the improvement of the science and commonly acknowledged practices of the industry.

Staying aware of the most advanced technologies and systems through certification helps our firm to remain competitive.  It is also the perfect approach to retain and motivate employees.  We believe that the key to a meaningful and rewarding work experience is training and education along with respect and acknowledgement of an employee’s professional advancement.  Consequently, well trained and appreciated employees are the bedrock of a successful company and satisfied, loyal customers like you!!!

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