Mold is everywhere.

Just say mold remediation in a crowd of people and you will receive some very passionate responses. From the person who says to “call a professional” to the person who says “do it yourself”.

Mold is a very common and naturally occurring part of the environment. However, under certain circumstances, mold can cause major problems. There are many health issues contributed to exposure to mold. Respiratory issues and allergic reactions are just a couple of examples. Truly every person can react differently.

 How does mold grow?

Mold spores can be found floating in most air. Usually the numbers are small and don’t cause problems. Mold remediation becomes necessary when the number of spores grows out of proportion.

Causes of an increase of mold spores can be as simple as:

  • a leaky pipe, in a wall
  • a flooded basement
  • even as easily as sustained high humidity in a structure

Some causes can be more complex and hard to find, such as:

  • leaking roof into the attic
  • leaking foundation into the crawl space
  • leaky shower surround

The mold spores land on a moist organic surface and begin to grow. Producing more and more spores. These spores canMold-remediation-springfield then be pulled into the ventilation system and distributed throughout the home or commercial building.

This is when mold becomes very dangerous and can cause health problems. Mold remediation should be started before reaching this point.

What is Mold Remediation?

The process of lowering the amount of mold spores in a structure is call mold remediation. This is done through first, locating the source of the moisture production.(mold requires moisture to grow) Repair this moisture source. Then remove or clean the contaminated surfaces, thereby removing the mold.

This is a very delicate process, that if not handled by a trained professional, can cause serious health issues. Proper equipment must be used during the mold remediation process. Some of these items include:

  • N-95 or P-100 respirator
  • flashspun high-density polyethylene fiber suits
  • air scrubbers
  • mildewcide products

Why use us for your mold remediation?

The technicians at Final Touch Clean Care are highly trained in the specialty practice of mold remediation. We have all the very specialized equipment and knowledge to handle any situation. We locate and remove the mold as well as repair the source of moisture, preventing future problems. Containing the mold area, keeping it from contaminating other parts of the structure, is of high priority. Our goal is to get the mold out and get you back in to your home or commercial building, where you can feel secure that your health is no longer at risk.

Call us today for an inspection of your home or business. We can determine the severity of your issue and explain the steps needed. The process of mold remediation does not need to be scary. Our highly trained staff can handle the whole process from start to finish allowing you to remain healthy, and confident that the mold remediation process is being accomplished correctly.

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