Springfield water damage restoration and water removal

Proudly serving the Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, and Branson area.

Water removal and water damage restoration are not what you think about when wake up every day.

However, when you wake up to a flooded basement, water removal becomes your main focus. That’s when you call the professionals at  Final Touch Clean Care. When water gets in all the wrong places of your home, we can help.

Springfield, water damage restoration and water removal  IS what we wake up  thinking about. Our highly trained crew can evaluatespringfield-water-damage-restoration your issue and implement the perfect strategy.

Left untreated, or even worse, removed improperly, water in the wrong places can cause unseen damage.

There are also three categories of water to think about. The three categories range from clean water straight out of the pipe to raw sewage. Each of these categories of water require specific levels of removal and clean-up. They each cause their own level of danger to the occupants.

Water moves by way of the path of least resistance. What this means to you is that without the proper training and equipment, it is impossible to know exactly where all the places the water has gone. Training and industry leading equipment help our technicians to be able to see through walls. In many cases, the only way to find the water.

The water that remains unfound, is what causes the most damage. It can cause mold, rot, as well as structural damage. Calling the water removal and water damage restoration professionals at FTCC, allows you rest assured your situation will be handled in a professional and timely manner. With a strict process, matched to the category of water, our team locates and eradicates all potential hazards.

Ftcc can handle any size water loss. From the small bathroom leak to the full structure flood.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

After our team has removed the water from the home or commercial building, it is then time to get things back to the pre-water condition. Our diverse team can do it all. We will find and repair the cause of the water issue to begin with. Then comes the restoration process. We have professionals to handle every area of the process. From carpet to tile to drywall and painting. Our goal is to restore your home/business to it’s pre loss state.

Remember when it comes to water removal and water damage restoration, the only company to call is Final Touch Clean Care.

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