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Upholstery Cleaning and Care is a complicated skill. There are an immense array of fabrics and dyes used by manufacturers. This requiring education and professional experience to effectively clean and protect your fine furnishings. 

Routine maintenance of your upholstery can not only restore it to its original beautiful appearance, but it will also extend the life of your pieces.  Moreover, this care will be good for the health of your  family.

Various allergens can hide out in fabrics, causing harm to persons with compromised immune systems, those with respiratory ailments, children or even pets.  Dust is one of the most serious soils affecting upholstery, as well as carpeting because of its negative impact on our indoor air quality.

What we commonly call dust is really a complex mixture of inorganic elements such as aluminum, silicon, iron and calcium.  We can continue adding to this list:

  • Animal dander and hair
  • Human hair
  • Skin particles
  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Fungi
  • Dust mites and
  • Body remains of insects

The list goes on and on.  When we sit and or lie on our upholstered pieces, we disturb these particles with our movements, they become airborne once again, and we inhale these elements. Gross.

They may pose no health risks at all. OR, they may trigger asthma attacks, allergies, eyes, nose, throat and/or other respiratory system issues.  Children have respiratory systems that are more susceptible to these problems than adults do.  It is just as important to vacuum your upholstered furnishing as it is your carpeting. Vacuuming helps to remove (as much as possible) the dust and allergens flying around your home or office environment between your regularly scheduled upholstery cleaning maintenance times.

Experts recognize the “hot water extraction” upholstery cleaning method as the best means to maintain your home furnishings.

Hot water extraction avoids leaving behind chemical residues that are harmful to all living beings. These chemicals act as a magnet  by attracting more dirt to your furnishings in the future.  Deep upholstery cleaning removes the abrasive particles that damage fabrics while effectively cleaning and sanitizing your upholstery.

As  professionals, we are knowledgeable in interpreting the “fabric care tags” which dictate the type of cleaning appropriate for each individual fabric type, of which there are many.  These tags can be very confusing to an unschooled operator.  Or, you may have an older or antique piece that requires gentle, expert care. 

When evaluating  your upholstery cleaning needs, do not overlook your auto interiors.  In our busy day to day lives, we often spend quite a bit of time in our vehicles. By maintaining the cleanliness of all of your upholstered  pieces you protect your health as well as your investment.


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Why you need to clean your upholstery.

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