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Invaded By Critters!

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Best Upholstery Cleaner in Ozark, Nixa, Springfield.
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Can I Get a Phone Quote ???

  Phone quotes are not only misleading, but are frequently used as a leader to just “get a foot in the door”. To give an accurate price , it is necessary for a visual inspection to be done . What … Read More

Why Does Carpet Wrinkle?
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Why Shouldn’t I Just Clean My Carpets Myself?
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There are plenty of places in Nixa and Ozark to rent a machine……. You can’t go into a grocery store, hardware store, dry cleaning plant, etc. without tripping and falling over all of the rental equipment available to the general … Read More

Spot Removal Gone Wrong
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Several years back, I received a phone call from an elderly gentleman. He was in a state of panic! His wife had his recliner moved to another part of the den, revealing an ugly grease stain from the mechanism in … Read More

Successful Vacuuming
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    With vacuuming, more is better. You cannot vacuum so much that you do any damage. Carpeting is made to hide as much soil as possible, so that you can’t always see that the carpet may need vacuuming. Studies … Read More